If you gaze at a modern map, you’ll see the Ijax mountains divide the country of Noragard on the west from Eprus on the east. On the Noragard side, nestled between the mountains and the Theran river, just north of the Pearlcrest sea, you’ll see a tiny dot with the neatly written word “Perdita” scrawled overhead. A thin line runs from Perdita into the mountains, “Ijax Pass”. The road continues until it reaches the great Eprusian city of Gol.

Now, if you weren’t too inebriated, you might look at an older map, perhaps the lovely cloth one Mazoga displays near the fireplace, and see that Perdita isn’t even marked. This map is about a century old, but you know that the city is ancient…

Perhaps, at this point, your curiousity diminishes and you shrug off the mystery. But, should you be willing to spend some more time staring at the walls, you’ll find maps that are older still. On these maps you’ll see the city marked, but the name is different. There seems to be a legion of different names as you look back at the various old maps.

Clever individuals might see a tumultuous, complicated history full of blood and pain. History experts will know that the city was hotly contested in the ancient world, due to its incredible position between two major empires and its easy connection to a host of other important nations. Most will know that the city gained independence about a human’s life span ago and has inexplicably kept it for decades.


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